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Zambia Entrepreneurship Summit

img_7739The Zambia Entrepreneurship Summit will take place on Monday, November 21, 2016 at the New Government Complex.  You are welcome to our afternoon session of three hours that will be open to the public.  This year, we are not holding a networking lunch during the ZES. The Zambia Entrepreneurship Summit is free of charge for all visitors and will be an opportunity for investors, lenders, and empowerment groups to meet with Zambia’s best young entrepreneurs.  The exhibitors will include local investment companies and lenders, resources for entrepreneurs such as standards and regional trade information, and empowerment and networking organizations.  Our goal is to facilitate opportunities for Zambian entrepreneurs such you to pitch your business plans that we hope will attract the attention and business of investors, and provide resources for you to succeed in your business pursuits.  All entrepreneurs participating should plan to attend with business pitches and questions ready!