Top 7 Finalist


Name: ALICE SILLA                                                                                                        Company Name: SAFI HYGIENE                                                                                 Company Bio: Manufacturers of affordable and environmentally friendly baby and adult diapers, sanitary towels and household cleaning products.





Name: MUTEPA MANCHEMBA                                                                                               Company NameSTAR ROYAL LTD                                                                                     Company Bio Star Royal – Producers of cashew seeds and cashew apple, organically grown and locally processed and packaged. 





sarah1Name : SARAH NGWENYA                                                                                                       Company Name : SUPREME OIL                                                                                           Company Bio   :  Supreme Oils – Manufacturers of edible oils produced from soya beans, sunflower, groundnuts and seed cotton





Name : EVELYN KAINGU                                                                                                          Company : LUPIYA CRCLE ENTERPRISE                                                                          Company Bio : Lupiya – An online pocket money loan platform designed for Zambian low income earners with options to safe, formal and equal access to credit. 




maria1 Name : MARIA ZIMBA                                                                                                                 Company NameSIAVONGA KAPENTA PROCESSING CENTER                               Company Bio   :   Siavonba Kapenta Processing Center – A Zambian owned Fish and Kapenta (sardines) processing business located on Lake Kariba, Siavonga





Name : MUKUKA TUNGATI                                                                                                            Company NameOLLA BABY CARE                                                                                   Company Bio   :  Offers multiple co-operate baby care facilities at the place of work and within institutional premises. OLLA is affiliated to International Au Pair Services and aim to provide quality and cost effective services  




brenda_1Name : BRENDA  CHITEMBURE                                                                                   Company Name : WALELEKA SCH0OL                                                                    Company Bio     :  Established in January 2011, Waleleka School has grown from a bootstrapped business of 42 students learning from a living room to over 260 learners currently. The school offers quality and affordable pre-and primary school education in a positive learning environment.